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Friday, May 30th, 2003
5:54 am
sharpies Quietly, she hugged Tsuka to her chest, resting her chin atop his head. Tsuka fidgeted uncomfortable beneath her, though said nothing while she listened to their conversation with his childish curiosity.

"You're here because you were chosen to be here.. I can't explain why, I've yet to find out myself.. But every so often, this world chooses one of it's 'digidestine' to come here and solve it's worldly problems.. By your tone, I can assume you're easily new at this." She smirked lightly with a soft laugh, leaving Tsuka a tad confused.

"But Kira.. Aren't there suppose to be.. four others? I thought there were at least five or six digidestine..." Tsuka's voice trailed off.

"You're right.. There is, but I can't answer that either. I don't control who comes and goes Tsuka," she replied, her lips gracefully forming into another frown.

"But regarding Kuwagamon. He's hostile because he chooses to be; that's his nature.. That and he's one of Mute-De's minions.. Bastard.." She scowled at the name.

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
9:43 pm

Who is Mute-De?Collapse )

Mute-De rocks to and fro upon his chair, his gaze roaming the glowing sphere before him. Suddenly, he falls forward with a heavy sigh, his palms falling upon the ball of glass.

"Ah.. So my dear Kirakumo.. You've found yourself a new pet..." He eyes the boy Ethin with great thought, smirking to himself as they make brief discussion. "That's right, fill him in.. Two Digidestine.. Oh splendid, this will be far too simple.."

He bursts into a fit of laughter, wiping the tears from his eyes.
"Kaikimon! Get in here!" A short, anthro fox darts into the room, it's tail swishing hotly.

"Yes Master!" The fox falls to its knees before Mute-De, staggering to lift itself to its feet. Terrified, it's gaze finally fell upon him.

"I want you to keep an eye on those two.. Kirakumo will do her best to help that boy.." He pauses, appearing thoughtful. Kaikimon bows his head. "Make sure she succeeds." Kaikimon gives a cry of surprise, but dares not ask the reasons behind it's master's order.

"O..Of course.." He hardly chances a glance back as he retreats from the room, leaving Mute-De in a chipper mood.

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
2:12 pm

Ethin blinked as he watched them sit down, following but standing a few meters away, glancing back towards the entrance of the cave.

"This is the digiworld?" He seems a bit skeptic, shaking his head slowly and glancing down towards his digidevice.

"Why am I here then? And why is that thing that flew over us so hostile?" HE seems slightly curious, but tries to tame it a bit, finally slowly taking a seat, looking towards them again for answers.

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003
11:33 pm
sharpies Kira was silent to their entrance of the cave, Tsuka's whimpering only continuing to the plunge into darkness. But she paused a few yards from the mouth of the cave, dropping herself against the damp floor, and watched Ethin.

"You are in what we call the Digital World.. It is a dimension parallel to our own, Earth - though you could not believe I was from such a place." Kira's explanation continued as Tsuka placed himself within her lap, resting his head against her shoulder.

"And that there, that device.. It's a digivice, a vital object that may very well ensure your survival here.. You're suppose to have a digimon but.. Apparently, he has yet to find you; and that is what confuses me." Kira folded her arms around Tsuka, frowning to herself and the thoughts surrounding her.

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2:27 pm

Ethin continued to follow them blindly, not paying much heed to where they were headed, more focused on what they are being followed by, and what she is saying.

"I'm almost certain we don't have any of those back home.. Where am I??" He speeds up a bit to draw closer to them, not seeming top have a problem with the running, not really all that unfit.

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11:22 pm
sharpies "That was Kuwagamon, an easily angered digimon. He doesn't take nicely to strangers; and you are quite the stranger.. Mute-De must be on the look-out right now.." Kira fell within her thoughts, hurrying along a beaten path through the forest along the cliff's edge, ignoring Tsuka's meek squeaks and squeals to the smallest nuisances.

They came to a clearing, not at all what Kira was desiring, and she rounded about it's edge, keeping an eye upon the sky. Kuwagamon made another pass, but didn't notice their retreat deeper into the forest. Looming ahead, Kira detected a shallow cave - but enough to keep them hidden from any further attacks.

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2:20 pm

He ducks a bit by instinct and to keep himself balanced, he watches the shadow move past them, then quickly glances up, barely tearing himself away from his curiosity to run after then, still holding his device tightly.

"What.. was -that-?" he questions, despite what she said about pushing them aside until after, following close behind them, not wishing to get lost and end up alone again.

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11:06 pm
sharpies Kira fell into an awkward silence, eyeing Ethin suspiciously. Kuwagamon's familiar shadow fell over them in a wild rush, whistling a heavy breeze through the trees. Tsuka's grip merely tightened, being all he could do so he wouldn't tumble aside.

"We can answer questions later, but right now we should find somewhere to hide." It was more of a demand, than a request as she took her leave, Tsuka having to tear himself from her leg. Instead, he clinged upon her arm, glancing over his shoulder at their latest edition.

"C'mon! Hurry!"

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1:59 pm

Ethin blinks, glancing around slowly for a moment before back to the two, lifting a brow curiously.

"My digimon? What do you mean?" He notices the humming after a moment also, glancing back for a moment.

Spotted by whom? And can't you tell me where I am?" He hrms lightly and looks back to them both, filled with quiet a bit of questions - and not all of them related to the digimon and their world.

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10:53 pm
sharpies Tsuka took a position at her thigh, his arms tightly wound around her leg. His gaze peered around her hip, watching Ethin now with deep curiosity.

"Actually, it's Kirakumo, but yes.. I'm Kira." Her eyes narrowed, her first impression having been made.

"You shant joke about Mute-De for long.. Ethin, was it? Mm.." Tsuka cringed as Kira dropped a gentle hand upon his hat, gripping it lightly.

"Kira..? Where's his digimon?" Kira straightened, studying her surroundings. Though it was a logical question, there wasn't a simple solution. And within her thoughts, she detected Kuwagamon's gentle hum gradually growing closer.

"We can worry about that later.. For now, we should find shelter before we're spotted once more."

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1:42 pm

Ethin glances to the side, towards Kira as she drops down from the tree and steps over towards Tsuka, shaking his head a bit towards the kid.

He pauses his gaze half way over her body to her comment and looks up towards her, a grin forming on his lips not seeming to take offense to her comment.

"I'll have you know I'm not just some riff-raff, I'm sure that Mute-de person would be falling over himself just to have the privledge to hire me." He takes a few steps towards them, lifting a brow.

"The name is Ethin by the way, kira is it?"

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10:37 pm
sharpies Tsuka stumbled to catch it, examining it as if he expected it to be broken. His gaze became cynical, and he raised it to the teen, brow deeply furrowed.

"You're lying! Kira.. You did something terrible to her and I swear I'll-" Kira dropped from her position in the tree, heaving a heavy sigh.

"You'll swear you'll what, Tsuka?" Her approach to her eight year old companion was well measured, and calm as she snatched back her digivice, offering him a guilty glare. "Don't jump to conclusions so quickly."

Tsuka's gaze was wide and curious before he flung his arms around KIra - or attempted to, but she had stepped away to face the boy. Hands upon her hips, she studied him with consideration before waving her hand.

"Mute-De wouldn't hire such riff-raff Tsuka.. You clearly underestimate him."

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1:31 pm

He glances towards the device as it is pointed out by the kid, scowling lightly as he continues to yell.

"Hey! Listen up, I didn't do anything to your friend, I just found this on the ground, it was beeping like mine, and I don't even know who or what a Mute-de or Kuaga..whatever is." He snaps at bit at the kid, frowning now and shaking his head, tossing the device to him.

"Here, now calm down and tell me your name, and I'll help you find her, I'm sure she's fine, so stop your panicing."

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10:28 pm
sharpies Tsuka gave heavy huff as he was forced backwards, positioning himself to where he could pounce once more. He made a wild gesture, then pointing, directed toward the digivice.

"That's Kira's digivice! And you wouldn't have it unless you did something to Kira! So where is she, you bully?! Did you feed her to Kuwagamon?! Are you one of Mute-De's minions!?" As he continued, Tsuka became more and more bewildered at the disappearance of his friend.

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1:24 pm

Ethin quickly lifts his attention up to the callings of the young boy, blinking as he steps out into sight, a small sigh of relief escaping him as he finally finds some sort of life, slightly caught off gaurd by the little guys sudden attack.

"What? I didnt do anything with any Kira" He lets out a soft grunt and pushes the little guy back without much difficulty I imagine, not trying to hurt him or anything.

"You shouldn't go around attacking strangers either, so calm down."

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10:08 pm
sharpies Tsuka became blissfully aware of the calling; but it was easy to recognize it was not his beloved Kira. Tearing himself from his fallen position, he sprinted forward in a reckless rush, concern clouding his mind.

"Kira! Kira! I'm coming Kira! Don't worry!!" He came into the clearing to where the boy was, stopping as his eyes widen. He took notice of the second digivice in his hand, acknowledging it was his Kira's own.

"You.. What have you done with Kira, you bully?!" Without waiting for a response, he rushed forward and made a bounce at whom he thought was hostile.

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12:52 pm

Sighing lightly as the beeping gets louder he closes his hand around the device, only to notice the beeping of another, his gaze quickly lifting up to the one on the ground.

"Another one?" He steps closer to it and kneels slowly, lifting a brow as he examines it quietly for a moment, standing and glancing back and forth to see if an owner might be near.

"Hello? Anyone??"

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9:42 pm
sharpies Kira became suddenly aware of the increased volume to her digivice's beeping. She gave a frantic glance about, and pulled herself upon the nearest branch. Hidden within the golden leaves of the tree, she realized her digivice was elsewhere.. VIA the ground, and beeping hysterically.

Cursing herself for such foolishness, she had to keep a stiff lip to the approach of a male teenager from her left.. Apparently, the other digidestine had followed the signal to her digivice.

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12:24 pm

Tearing his gaze from the sky as a sudden beep sounds from his hand, he halts his steps and glances down, blinking as he relizes that it's coming from the digidevice, not his hand, staring at it for a moment thoughtfully, before looking up in a specific direction.

"Beats wandering aimlessly." He soon takes off in a now specific direction, constantly glancing down to the device in his hand, not fully sure about it, or even if he is holding it the right side up.

"Hey?" He suddenly gives out a short call, to hopefully get the attention of anyone in his area, not really thinking about getting the wrong attention, the thought never even crossing his mind.

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9:18 pm
sharpies "Kira! Stop, please, this is ridiculous!" Tsuka cries did nothing but echo quietly, Kira too stubborn to halt. She pushed around the trees and fallen branches, having to climb and duck every which way.

Tsuka gave a heavy sigh as he followed his beloved friend, allowing his shoulders to merely slump. Meanwhile, Kira's digivice gave a muffled beep, interrupting her train of thought and allowing the two to make a short collision. She lifted it from her pocket, staring at it curiously before turning South.

"That way.." Tsuka cried out as he tumbled forward once Kira had removed herself from his side so suddenly, doing all he can to retrace his lost tracks behind hers.

"Kira! Kira, wait!" But it was too late, she had disappeared within the trees, leaving him lost in the depth of the forest.

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